Stop searching

I’ve searched and searched through crowds of people. Talked to different people. Read about different people. Hung out with different people. Looked at their mannerisms, listened to their dreams, and watched how they interacted with others.

No matter how hard I looked, I didn’t find anybody like me.

The person you are looking for has always been with you and always will.

Do you and be the best you.

Become your own Champion and blaze your own Trail.


~Champions and Trailblazers~



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For the Sake of Loving Yourself, Can You Forgive Each Mistake You Have Made?

We can’t run away from our mistakes, but we can make a conscious effort not to repeat them. We all know it is hard to forgive others for their mistakes that have affected us, but can we forgive ourselves for doing the same? We constantly think about the things we have done, playing them over and over in our head as if there is going to be a different outcome. That’s torture! How many times a day or we going to stay in that mindset?

When we think back on all of the mistakes we have made, and now are able to see how far we have come, that’s an accomplishment.

I have a little wooden box. Let me tell you about this box. It helps me to bury the past by casting those ashes to the wind so they can blow and go wherever they want to. That part of me that has me replaying the same mistakes over and over in my mind are gone. Poof!

When those images start coming into my mind, I write them down on an index card or sheet of paper if there are many. Then, out comes a match. I drop the bad memories, regrets, things that are upsetting me, into that wooden box and watch it burn, baby, burn.

My cremation of mistakes I cast to the wind and let float away. I dump them outside as I’m walking in the park, or the beach or go into the back yard and just empty them out.

Where will you bury your mistakes?

Some of us may have a whole tablet we need to burn. If so, do it!


~Become a Champion and Blaze a Trail~

~Champions and Trailblazers~

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Watcha See is Watcha Get

Why, why, why do we stress over the way people act. Relationships with people are not how they are as we see in our head.

If I do this, they will do that. If I act this way, they will act this way. No ma’am and no sir.

Some people lay awake at night trying to figure out what they need to do so someone can act they way they want them to act. Stop wasting brain cells because it’s not happening.

People are who they are and they don’t always do what they say they will do. And they certainly won’t do what you want them to do, especially if the actions are in YOUR head.

Switch your thoughts so you can de-stress from hoping and waiting for people to act a certain way. While you are daydreaming about how you want someone to be so you can feel good about yourself, there is someone else doing the same thing about you.

No one should change for anyone. Be yourself.

Because in the end, Watcha See is Whatcha Get!



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When Time Runs Out

Every day that you wake up, gratefulness sets in. You were given the gift of continuing to live. But some of us are not living, we are just existing.

I see people do the same exact thing every day. And I don’t mean get up, go to work, go to sleep to wake up and do it all over again.

I mean the people who get up in the morning with no purpose but to smoke and drink their lives away. They look forward to that next drink, that next high from whatever they are smoking, or just hanging out trying to see what they can get into on this day.

These are healthy people who are in their right minds who choose to do absolutely nothing. How depressing is that? For some, it is not. This is how they live.

I used to get depressed getting up and going to work every day, but when I run across people like this, I shall not complain.

Their time will run out.

I had to jump start my peace of mind by not letting work and the everyday mundane activities that played back and forth in my mind telling me my life was boring.

I kept telling myself that I would do something different tomorrow. Tomorrow is forever coming. When I really sat down and meditated (there’s an APP for that), I realized that my time too will run out.

Now I find stuff to do. I go to the park, walk-run, take in a show, write, and read. These are the things I did long ago but somehow let them slip through my fingers. I feel so much lighter in my mind and body. I now live each day as if I won’t wake up tomorrow.


Because one day, my time too, will run out.

If you are in the area and would like to attend my writing workshop, please register with the link below.

~Become a Champion and Blaze your own Trail~ 


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Make that move. Believe in yourself more than you doubt yourself!

The secret of making something work in your lives is first of all, the deep desire to make it work; then the faith and belief that it can work; then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief.

 Go ahead and make that move!
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Most people only think about, dream about, and hope that their lives will turn out how they have imagined. As the saying goes if you don’t do the work necessary to move your life forward, daydreaming will be your friend.
Our lives are like a chess game. We study the board, look at the pieces and decide when to make a move. Some people take longer than others. But make a move, we must. We cannot keep in our head the doubts and fears that paralyze us.
We take chances every single day in our lives. We take a chance when we drive from destination to destination with the thought that we are going to make it there safely. Some do and unfortunately, some don’t.
In the things that we want to manifest in our lives, we have to take control even through fear and doubt. We shouldn’t let our mind be a host for these things to hold us hostage, thinking we can’t move forward because the price is too high.
The price is even higher if we don’t dig in, and kick fear and insecurity out of our heads. We pay the price of being depressed, feeling worthless, worrying, overeating, and the belief that we are not good enough for the better things life has to offer us.
What is stopping you? If there is nothing that is physically holding you back, then you are the problem. No one can hold your hand and take you step by step and show you what to do. Most of us will do it, but when they are not watching, we go back to our own ways. We have to dig deep into our souls to really want to be better, be happy, and live life to the fullest. And that doesn’t mean having a pocket full of money. Because there are a lot of rich, unhappy people parading around with a mask of happiness covering their sad faces.
It’s hard for some to leave the pity party, but it is not impossible. Use your mind to talk and think your way out. Do it every day until it comes to you naturally. Today is Wednesday so don’t talk yourself into starting on Monday or the New Year! Why would you wait to get started?
Make that move. Believe in yourself.
Do it now!
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Locked in a Room

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that they have gotten off the correct path or was never walking it in the first place.

You keep getting subtle reminders from God to get back on track. You hear what God is telling you, but you push it to the back of your mind, telling yourself you will do it- one day.

One day passes by, then three more one day passes by until you are up to a year of one day!  Or maybe three years of one day, as was my case.

I had gotten off my road of going to church, writing, and exercising. It all came to a halt when I was coupled up with a dependent person. They had to be by my side 14/7. I was at work the other 10 hours. I used this attachment as an excuse to why I couldn’t write, attend church, or exercise. This was not a healthy attachment. If I went to the hair salon, I’d look up and he was there. Smiling. Then he’d pull out money to pay for my hair. I’d tell him I was going to the nail shop and he said oh, I’ll take you. The same with shopping.

The constant phone calls. Oh my. He’d call and I would tell him I’m working and I will call back. And if my phone didn’t ring fifteen minutes later and all I could hear on the other end is, I thought your were going to call me back. My face would go into frown mode. I would take the phone off my ear and look at.

I used to go to writer’s conferences for many years, way before I met this person. Didn’t go on not one while I was with him. His insecurities led him to believe that I just attended to meet up with male authors. I stopped going so he wouldn’t think that. Silly me!

Then, I finally realized that this person was stopping me from walking my path. I truly believed this. God kept saying, no one is stopping you. These are excuses you are using. And if you really want to do something, get out of this unhealthy attachment of a relationship. I didn’t listen. This went on from 2013 to the very last day of 2016!

I anticipated ending the relationship, oh some time in 2017- middle of summer was my plan. I was miserable, but I kept telling myself that his feelings will be hurt if I bounce now. So I created a timetable because I knew that he was not going to change!

Things were kind of rocky during the holidays  of 2016- starting with Thanksgiving. He wanted me to be with him 24/7. Tried to dictate when I could be home preparing holiday meals. He wanted me to go to his house for a couple of days, then go back home the morning of the holiday and cook, then come back to his house. When people try to break up your routine to fit their agenda is the time to run. We had major arguments. He accused me of not wanting to spend time with him. Maybe there is someone else on my radar. That mess was starting to get old because I knew a change was not coming. So in my mind, Summer of 2017 was my exit season. I told God, I will be out by summer and I will get back on the right path that you have paved for only me.

Well, God laughed. I didn’t know he was laughing at me at the time. I thought I had the answer.

Then God Interrupted my Normal on January 1, 2017!

Went home with him after a get together. My daughter calls me regarding an issue. I tell her I will call her dad to figure out everything. I make the call and when I hang up, my phone is flying across the room. He grabbed it out of my hand and threw it.

So I’m like damn! That’s how it is. Well I’m going  home and I’ll come back tomorrow when you calm down.

The next words he said made me feel like I was going to turn into the incredible hulk.

“You are not going anywhere!”

Oh, yes the hell I am!

There was a little commotion. Then a little more. Then enough where a relative started beating on the door asking if everything is alright. He says yes. I say no.

Well, I was going to get out of that room.

With all of the blocking he tried to do and pulling me away from the door, I remembered my pepper spray! By the time I finished, he didn’t know what hit him and was yelling that I scratched his eyes out!

By the time I realized I rubbed my eyes with pepper spray and I couldn’t see, the rescue cavalry was there in the form of 6 police officers to help me out of room.

God interrupted my normal on January 1, 2017. Didn’t make it to my timeline of summer of 2017.  I realized my timeline was not His timeline.

I thank God it didn’t end up worse than it could have been. If the police hadn’t been called, I don’t know if I would be here today.

You’d think after all of that, I would get back on track to doing what God had called me to.

Nah! didn’t happen….until

He had to Interrupt my Normal again…six months later.  (next week’s blog)


~God Interrupted my Normal~


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God Interrupted My Normal!

When you know you are supposed to be doing what you were put on this earth to do and you keep ignoring it, something will happen to remind you.

God has a way of letting you know you are going down the wrong path. He sends these little reminders to prompt you to move on down the road.

Then you answer Him back with I’ll do it next week, next month, and so on.

Next week rolls around, nothing. Next month rolls around, still nothing.

God sends more gentle reminders to prompt you on your way. Your excuses and delays are abundant. You make more promises that you will do in on another day. All the while God is saying, “so you are letting me know that you will do it when you get ready.”

See, most of us already know what it is that God is trying to get us to do.

I IGNORED those subtle reminders…until God decided to let me know who is control.

Then came the big Warning that I never saw coming that could have cost me my life. I even ignored that one.

God sent an even bigger one six months later in July of 2017 that could have cost me my life!! Again. That one woke me up.

I’ll blog about the first incident next week. It came like a thief in the night!

~God Interrupted My Normal~ coming May 2018!

And He will interrupt yours too!!!!!

You better move on down the road and become a Champion and Blaze a Trail!





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