Let’s talk Personal Development

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am”

Thomas Cooley

When you think about yourself, what comes to mind? Do you think of yourself as the quote above? Read it again, and think about it.

Now, answer the question. Who are you? Can you become a better person? First of all, do you want to become a better person?

It all starts with personal development. It means to move yourself forward; to grow and develop yourself. First of all, positive thinking has to come into play. You have to believe and know that you can change the direction that your life is going.  And you have to be a risk taker!

You can change your lifestyle. Really you can. To do this, you have to get your home life under control.  That’s where most of us spend our time, unless we are workaholics.

Find out what stresses you out the most about your home life. For me, whew, it was my bedroom. I can’t remember where I saw these images I’m about to describe, but I used them to justify why my room was the way it was, until I changed it. The first caption showed a bed with a couple. The bed was neat and the couple were nestled together as they slept. Under the caption was, “this is how married people sleep.”  The second caption had a single person sleep on one side of the bed and the other side was still neatly made up. Under the caption was, “this is how single people sleep.” The last caption had a single person asleep on one side of the bed, and the other side was in a mess with a laptop, papers, notebooks, pens, and books in the space. Under that caption read, “this is how a writer sleeps.” I was like, ‘Yes, that’s me.” I was so proud that my bed looked like that.

Then there came days that when I walked into my bedroom, I felt my spirit drop. It took me about a week to figure out what the problem was. It was my bed. I couldn’t find the remote, couldn’t find my favorite pen, and couldn’t find that piece of paper that I wrote an idea on in the middle of the night. Everything was scattered everywhere on my bed and was nowhere to be found unless I looked for it in frustration. So the first thing on my list for me to do to move ahead personally was to get that stuff off of my bed. It took me a week to get rid of pieces of paper that I no longer needed, organize my notebooks by topics, find a place to keep my pens and to make the decision to go into another location of the house to do my writing. All of a sudden, my writer’s block started to disappear.

That was a big accomplishment for me. Getting order in my bedroom, first.

What I would like for you to do today. Today.

Find out what is causing you stress when you go home and take steps to change it. If it’s more than one thing, tackle it one at a time. There are other things that I need to do at home, but the thing that bothered me the most is what I changed first.

Take something that personally stresses you out and make that change.

Take responsibility for yourself  to what you can to be the best you.

“Be a Champion and Blaze Your Own Trail in Whatever You Choose to Do”

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2 Responses to Let’s talk Personal Development

  1. Ricky says:

    excellent issues аltogether, youս ѕimply won a new гeader.

    What would you recommend in regards to you publish that you made some days in the past?
    Any positive?


    • kbibbs082 says:

      Hi Ricky,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. I’m not sure I understand the question. Would you mind sending it again? Not sure if you are asking about recommendations on how to publish or if I’ve made any mistakes in publishing along the way. I’d love to hear back from you.

      Thank you,



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