Dump Your Vision Board and Create an Action Board


Well, don’t actually dump it. Look at it, pick something and act on it!

I created my vision board in January 2015. And every morning I looked at it and kept saying to myself that one day I’m going to accomplish something off the board, if not everything.

It really is a vision board, because all I did was LOOK at it EVERY DAY.

Then I thought, maybe I should create an Action Board!

Last month, I  picked one item off of this “vision board” and did it!

The first thing I did was Celebrate my good health and love of life by going on a cruise. It was wonderful. I had to get over my fear of being in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

Look at the three ladies in the lower left hand corner of my “sigh” Vision Board. They play golf. That’s my next action. Yay!

I will show you my action board in a couple of weeks after I move more items from Vision to Action!

I would love to see your action board. Create one now by showing everyone what you have accomplished so far.

How long have you been looking at your vision board?

~Be a Champion and blaze a trail~


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