When you write, readers should travel


Words last forever and they are everywhere. You cannot go through one single day without hearing words, seeing words, or writing words.

Just like you feel like you are in another world when you read, you can make others feel that  way when they read what you have written .

Whatever character I am writing about at any given time, I feel their pain, joy, and all of their other emotions. I’m in the world I have created for them. I’ve been poor and downtrodden while trying to get off the streets. I’ve also been filthy rich that it should be illegal. I’ve been kindhearted and giving and I’ve been the person people run from when they see me coming. I’ve been the person to give you the shirt off my back and I’ve been the person that will take everything from you and not care.

I’ve been so many characters in my story that I’m tired at the end of the day. The traveling alone from continent to continent was glamorous and treacherous at the same time.

At one time, I was serving my country and after being tired of being told what to do, I went AWOL. They haven’t found me yet.

Your goal when you write should be, to take people into another world.

Where will you take people?

~Be a Champion and Blaze a Trail~


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