Are you a champion?


Are you a champion? You don’t need a scoreboard or praises and accolades from others to be a champion. What have you overcome? What obstacles have you kicked out of your way or jumped over to reach your goal?

Champions don’t brag. Their actions speak volumes. They can go through a battle and not wonder if they are going to make it through, but have in their minds whatever it takes to make it, that’s what they are going to do.

Just because a person has failed in an attempt to do something doesn’t make them a failure. Don’t ever be afraid to lose or make mistakes. Do it again. And again. And  again. Sometimes I write until I think my fingers are going to fall off.

I love trying things I’m afraid to do. But there was a point in my life when I played everything safe. If I wasn’t sure that I could complete a task or do something to perfection, I wouldn’t attempt it. Now, I finish everything I start, even if I’m afraid it may not turn out like it’s supposed to. I look at my end result and if the end result is not the correct result; I go back and try again.

Make it your goal not to lose, but don’t give in to the fear of losing. If you are going to compete; compete against yourself. Leave others out of the equation.

~Become a champion and blaze a trail~

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