Ignite Your Life!

I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start on Monday. There’s another tomorrow, and Monday’s after next are forever coming. How many books are you going to read that tells you what you already know? How many workshops will you attend that tells you to do what you already know to do? How many vision boards are you going to create just to stare at?

You are sitting in a comfortless zone! You have become comfortable being uncomfortable. You’re uncomfortable being broke. But you stay there. You’re uncomfortable being overweight. But you stay there. You’re uncomfortable with your current life situation. But you stay there.

You are comfortable being uncomfortable.

You have control of your negative thoughts and lazy ways. Sure, people can give you plenty of pep talks, and you feel good while they are telling it to you. But when they are gone, you are the only person that is with yourself all day, all night, all the time. Your mind and body have to be in sync to start the fire; like two sticks rubbing together;  like a match rubbing against the rough side of the box; or a finger pushing down on a lighter. Once you get started, keep the momentum going by creating a chain reaction of events that you create by taking deliberate actions in what you want to achieve. Increasing your action increases your fuel and the intensity of your fire.


Go ahead. Ignite Your Life!

~Blaze a Trail. Become a Champion~

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2 Responses to Ignite Your Life!

  1. Siim Land says:

    Nice! There’s a lot more life in a bonfire than a candle. Keeping those flames high will make us that much more happier.

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