Build Yourself


Build Yourself

You have to build yourself up before you can build anything else. How can you build a business if you are broken? I had to learn to build myself every morning when I got up. I used to go to work half built and would break down before the day was done.

The first thing I do now when I get up in the morning is to thank God for letting me see another day. I pray and mediate for fifteen to thirty minutes. I then have enough time to shower without rushing. My clothes are laid out the night before so I’m not rushing trying to figure out what to wear. I also allow enough time to apply my makeup if I decide to wear any, and I have enough time to style my hair. I then get dressed. Once all of that is done, I still allow myself enough time to do whatever I want before I start my day. My extra activities that are just for me could be watching a show I recorded,  exercising, reading, writing, or doing something that pertains to my business. This sets the tone for my day.

Now, when I get to work and all hell breaks loose, I can go with the flow because at least I have gotten to do some of what I wanted to do before I arrived at work.

I use to be so stressed because I would get up in the mornining, say a quick thirty second prayer and jump in the shower. I barely had time to put on my makeup and get dressed before it was time for me to leave for work. Then I would get to work, all hell would break loose, then I would be too tired to do any of my stuff when I got home. I was so stressed and tired.

I had to learn to take control of what I could control. Since I couldn’t control what happened at work, I had to learn to take charge of what happened at home. So I did.

So I say to you, no more excuses. There is no boss in your home telling you when to get up and what to do. You are your own CEO. Act like it, and run yourself. How can you run a business you want to start if you can’t run yourself?  Build yourself first.



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