How Uncomfortable Can You Get?

Don’t let the fear of success make you feel uncomfortable. Being “uncomfortable” is not what we want in our lives.

There are several things that come with success that make people feel uncomfortable.

Some people don’t like being the center of attention. They don’t like the accolades that comes with doing a wonderful job.

Competition can leave some people mortified. Having to compete with people in the same field to maintain success can lead some people  into a  state of  panic. They don’t want to step on any toes or make anyone mad.

How many times have you told  yourself that you are not good enough to be successful? That’s self-sabotage.

If you are uncomfortable trying to be  a success, see how uncomfortable you can get.

Let people praise your accomplishments even if you feel uncomfortable.

Compete with others in the business as long as you do it in fairness while being uncomfortable

Tell yourself you are good enough to succeed while being uncomfortable.

Don’t let being uncomfortable be your crutch.

Being uncomfortable will not go away on it’s own. You have to work it away. Work it until it’s dead. Then bury it!


~Ignite Your Life~

Book Release September 2016


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