Feeling Worthless? What’s in your Head?


Get those self-defeating thoughts out of your head.

You don’t want to hear that!

You need to acknowledge that you are at this very moment worthy of your own love. You absolutely cannot change your past. You can create your future, even though it may not go exactly as you plan it. It’s much better than taking the, “Ill wait and see what happens,” attitude.

Don’t base your self -worth on what you see on the outside world. Don’t let your perception of being happy become skewed by what others look like, how much money they have,  their job titles, or even what university they have their degree from. Don’t make up what you think success looks like by looking at what other people have. Keep your mind so unclouded that you can focus and take time to look deep inside yourself to find out what makes you happy.

Show up as yourself, not what you see on television, in magazines, or that stunningly attractive person (your mind is telling you that) you see pass you by wherever you are. What does a stunningly attractive person look like anyway? And how do their looks line up with the quality of their life? They may be just a good-looking unhappy person. 

Be  yourself from the inside out.

Become a Champion and Trailblazer!

~Ignite Your Life~ 

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