Make a Move


Change the negative constant in your life, and your life will change. Watching hours of television every day when you should  be doing something else is a negative activity. While watching shows most people tell themselves they should be doing something else. And there is nothing stopping them. Make a conscious effort as soon as you realize that  you need to be doing something . Get up and do it right at that moment even if it is for a few moments. If you get stressed because you are exercising everyday but not losing weight as fast as the next person or at the rate you want to, change the reason why you are doing it. But don’t lose focus of the weight loss. Exercise because you want to feel good, or have an easier time getting off the floor, or able to touch your toes or because it lowers your stress level.  Exercise so you won’t be out of breath when you walk and talk at the same time. Change the why and you will find it easier to reach your original goal for exercising.


Be a Champion and Blaze your own Trail


Champions and Trailblazers™


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