Get ready to Blaze a Trail in 2017

Look at where you have already been to see where you are going. 

Are you on the correct path? Or do you need to take a detour?

Are you following someone else’s footsteps trying to get to where they are?

Stop it! This book will show you how to follow the path that was ordered just for you. 

For now, trace back your steps and see if you are on the right track. It is never too late to create a new one. 

Available October 2018 on Amazon

Champions and Trailblazers™

Ignite Your Life

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You have to take control of your negative thoughts and lazy ways. Sure, people can give you plenty of pep talks. But when they are gone, you are the only person that is with yourself all day, all night, all the time. Your mind and body have to be in sync to start the fire just like two sticks rubbing together will start a fire, or when a match rubs against the rough side of a matchbox, or when a finger pushes down on a lighter.

Once you get started, keep the momentum going by creating a chain reaction of events by taking deliberate steps in what you want to achieve. Increasing your action increase your fuel and the intensity of your fire.

Go ahead. Ignite Your Life 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blaze a Trail. Become a Champion

Champions and Trailblazers™

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