When you are in a battle, you have two choices; stay and fight or tuck tail and run.

You can be standing on firm, solid ground and still feel like it is going to fall from under you. The enemies that you fight against can be people, your thoughts, what you think  other people  are thinking about you (and you probably are not on their mind at all), your failures (actually lessons learned),  and just plain old self pity!

And the dead bodies that are all around your feet that you carefully step over, are actually your unfulfilled goals. Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. You have all of your ideas and dreams floating around in your head, but nothing is sticking. You look out in front of  you as far as you can see. And. You. See. Nothing.

You have to make a decision right now to fight for what you believe in your heart that you know you are supposed to be doing. It does not matter how long you have to fight. Take each battle one at a time. If it is for you, fight the battle.

If you know it is not for you and someone is trying to convince you to do something because it will either benefit them or  keep you in their eyesight (because of their insecurity), tuck tail and run. Run. Fast.

Learn to say no without explaining why when it comes to you focusing on what you need to do. People who are not goal oriented do not always fit into your daily plans. They will suck the life out of you, stress you out and cause you to unconsciously abandon your plan.

Do what I do and have a “runaway weekend.” I run away from home!

I go to a hotel for a weekend and just write. No one to drop by because no one knows exactly where I am. But I do check in with my family so they do not worry. I encourage you try this. We all need protected time for our projects, our thoughts, and our peace of mind.

Fight the battles that are yours to fight.

Do not fight anyone else’s battle.

Please don’t let your path be a dirt road!   


Champions and Trailblazers™    Blaze a Trail


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