Did your New Year come in with a bang? Most likely not. Especially if you sat around and did nothing that would culminate into something different in the New Year.

Our lives were not going to magically change at the stroke of midnight! Sure some fireworks may have been set off. The skies lit up and there was jubilance in the air. But what changed in your life? Were you doing something different last year to bring something different into the new year?

I started for a little while towards the end of September, picked up a little steam in October and went full blast all the way through November 30th. Then the fire turned into a fizzle. My excuse. The holidays are coming up. So I used that excuse to overeat, not exercise, and not finish projects I had started.

My New Year did start with a bang. But not with the bang I thought it would be. In fact, I wasn’t expecting a bang at all, because I knew I hadn’t done anything to cause a bang.

But I did find myself in an unfortunate situation (it’s much better now) that caused me to wake up and realize it is time to move on. That big argument which I did not see coming was the catalyst for me to move away from the source, get myself together so I can follow my path.

So as I look back, the holidays did not keep me from moving forward.

It was the load that I carried from the past into the future.

Wake up!

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