Get up and get noticed!

Nobody can be you, but you!

No matter how much you admire someone else’s personality, charisma, drive, or outward appearance, there is someone out there that wants what you have.

Everyone has some things about them that are unique that others wish they had.

You may have the perfect smile, the ability to put together a hellified outfit and rock it like no one else, or have that “it” that no one can explain that draws people to you.

While you are looking at others wishing you had what they have, there is someone looking at you and wishing the same thing. While you are looking at others, check out who may be looking at you.

While you people watch, you have been watched as well.

So just be you and be the best you can be.

When you get up, you get noticed without you even knowing it.

~Become a Champion and Blaze your Trail~

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One Response to Get up and get noticed!

  1. Juhi Arora says:

    Very well written!


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