The Storm is over Now… or is it?

Here I sit, staring out the window. What a beautiful sight to see- the sun, the dry streets, and no storm debris in sight.

But as I look at this glorious morning, thanking God that I made it through the storm, my eyes have been filled with tears for the past 10 days including today.

We here in Houston have made it through the worst storm in history. Countless people were plucked from the waters, from their rooftops, and from their cars and brought to what we here in Houston considered safety; on top of a freeway overpass before being taken away to a shelter.

I’ve watched countless stories on TV of people who were drenched, carrying their children, and some carrying what they could in plastic bags. News reporters and anchors covering the storm were overcome with emotion as well as they should be.

In the midst of this horrific storm, people were thanking God for their lives. And in the wake of some people being polarized over political issues and statues, Houston came together and showed the world that none of this mattered if you needed help. Everyone got it!

There were no lines of division separating people from each other. No one looked at the color to the hand reaching out to rescue them and took a moment to decide if they would accept it or not. The worst situations can and will bring out the best in people. I have no answer as to why the storm hit us. But there weren’t any clashes or biases as to who would get help.

One story that sticks in my mind from the news is a man and his son who were rescued from their apartment. His name is Jeremiah. He tells how he has lost everything. What stuck with me is how he kept saying, “God is good!”

Yes, indeed He is. I pray so hard everyday and every night for those affected by “Harvey.” I have a hard time sleeping at night wondering how the people who have lost it all are doing. I pray they have the fire inside of them to keep going.

Cry a while and get it all out. The answer is already down the road.

As the name “Harvey” is retired (no other hurricane shall have that name) I hope the people affected can find the strength to retire their doubts, fears and insecurities because they have made it through the storm.

I want them to welcome peace, joy, love and happiness back into their lives.

Let no storm, no matter how much water it brings flood your life enough to put out the fire that is burning inside of you.

Your trail has not ended. It was time to take a detour. I will continue to pray and volunteer to help those affected by the storm in my great city of Houston.

All will be well again in Houston. God is good.

You have a chance to start again.

To all my Champions and Trailblazers-Blaze a trail and Ignite your Life!

God bless you all.


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