When Time Runs Out

Every day that you wake up, gratefulness sets in. You were given the gift of continuing to live. But some of us are not living, we are just existing.

I see people do the same exact thing every day. And I don’t mean get up, go to work, go to sleep to wake up and do it all over again.

I mean the people who get up in the morning with no purpose but to smoke and drink their lives away. They look forward to that next drink, that next high from whatever they are smoking, or just hanging out trying to see what they can get into on this day.

These are healthy people who are in their right minds who choose to do absolutely nothing. How depressing is that? For some, it is not. This is how they live.

I used to get depressed getting up and going to work every day, but when I run across people like this, I shall not complain.

Their time will run out.

I had to jump start my peace of mind by not letting work and the everyday mundane activities that played back and forth in my mind telling me my life was boring.

I kept telling myself that I would do something different tomorrow. Tomorrow is forever coming. When I really sat down and meditated (there’s an APP for that), I realized that my time too will run out.

Now I find stuff to do. I go to the park, walk-run, take in a show, write, and read. These are the things I did long ago but somehow let them slip through my fingers. I feel so much lighter in my mind and body. I now live each day as if I won’t wake up tomorrow.


Because one day, my time too, will run out.

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~Become a Champion and Blaze your own Trail~



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