For the Sake of Loving Yourself, Can You Forgive Each Mistake You Have Made?

We can’t run away from our mistakes, but we can make a conscious effort not to repeat them. We all know it is hard to forgive others for their mistakes that have affected us, but can we forgive ourselves for doing the same? We constantly think about the things we have done, playing them over and over in our head as if there is going to be a different outcome. That’s torture! How many times a day or we going to stay in that mindset?

When we think back on all of the mistakes we have made, and now are able to see how far we have come, that’s an accomplishment.

I have a little wooden box. Let me tell you about this box. It helps me to bury the past by casting those ashes to the wind so they can blow and go wherever they want to. That part of me that has me replaying the same mistakes over and over in my mind are gone. Poof!

When those images start coming into my mind, I write them down on an index card or sheet of paper if there are many. Then, out comes a match. I drop the bad memories, regrets, things that are upsetting me, into that wooden box and watch it burn, baby, burn.

My cremation of mistakes I cast to the wind and let float away. I dump them outside as I’m walking in the park, or the beach or go into the back yard and just empty them out.

Where will you bury your mistakes?

Some of us may have a whole tablet we need to burn. If so, do it!


~Become a Champion and Blaze a Trail~

~Champions and Trailblazers~

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